Agency51 Celebrates 6 Years with Flexed

We love our clients and when our clients have something to celebrate, we celebrate with them! Autohorn recently moved to their stylish new offices in the Clifton Moor area of York and as we’re also celebrating six sensational years of service with Flexed, Agency51’s Adam, Hannah, and Vikki visited them onsite with a cake to celebrate.

Established in 1995 and starting with just nine cars from its base in York, the vehicle rental and leasing business has reported strong performance despite supply shortages in the industry. This increase in performance was met with a move to new premises set to support further growth.

Impressive Growth Despite Challenges and Hardships

Recently filed accounts ending on the 31st of December 2021 for Autohorn show an impressive pre-tax profit of £3.58m, up from £915,413 in 2020. Turnover was £41.4m, compared to £41.7m the previous year.

Autohorn stated that financially speaking 2021 had exceeded all expectations considering challenges emerging in the market, citing the supply shortages experienced in the second half of 2021.

They also added that the shortage of new vehicles resulted in an extremely buoyant second-hand car market, especially when it comes to the six-month-old and low mileage market.

A Site with a Story Steeped in History

Mark Williams from Autohorn was on hand to proudly give us a tour of their spacious new digs now called Alfie’s Barn and was happy to give us a brief history of the site.

We were rather impressed to find out that the new headquarters for Autohorn was once RAF Rawcliffe and was used as a relief landing ground for RAF Linton-on-Ouse. A site formerly used as an airstrip during World War II.

When viewing overhead maps on Google, one may still see the old runways which are now lined with popular makes and models of cars available for lease.

The VIP Tour

It was a rainy day but the skies cleared and the sun shone warm long enough for us to walk the lot for a VIP peak. We toured the facilities and viewed the many vehicles available for short- and long-term leasing.

On our journey, we saw the spacious valeting building where the cars are deep cleaned and made ready for a new lease. There was also the car charging area where cars were topping up their batteries. Each charge station could easily power up two vehicles at once.

Of the many cars we saw that day, we were especially intrigued by this gorgeous Porsche with the recent rain beading off the bonnet sparkling like diamonds in the sun.


Inside the building, we met many smiling faces hard at work. Many of the walls featured bright reminders of ALFIE’s Way which is the Autohorn ethos.


Everything we touch leaves a print. Think of suppliers, colleagues, customers, and community


Build long-term relationships with trusted partners


Work hard! Have fun doing it!


Make things easier


Use ALFIE’s Way to make great decisions

Autohorn - Alfie's way

Driving off into the Sunset

Now that we had seen all the sights that Autohorn’s new offices had to offer, we took some time out to sit down and discuss future business, growth, and overall strategy. With our dedicated and bespoke digital marketing efforts, we plan to work alongside Autohorn as they continue to expand and grow even further over the coming years.

Autohorn's New Location at Alfie's Barn

Let's work together